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15 Sunday until the Miami Dolphins return to the football field

The clock keeps ticking and the schedule is about to turn another page and Miami Dolphins fans are counting it all down to the start of the season.

Twitter has been alive for the past few days with a countdown that’s still far from visible, but if we want to make it look a little smaller, they’ve broken the wait time to Sunday and with that, 15 sounds a whole lot better than 100+ days.

So this is it. The wait is almost over even though everything is about to begin, officially the offseason. June and July are not easy months for football fans. There is usually little to no news from the teams. There are generally no signings or releases other than a few June 1 cuts for salary cap reasons.

The long nights and days of summer are upon us and while we have plenty of “real” content to deliver over the next month and a half when training camps begin, for now it’s all about wait until Sunday when the 15th changes to the 14th.

Next week, the OTA and minicamp seasons will come to an end, and then players will disperse for the rest of the summer or train on their own.

So what’s new here on PhinPhanatic? We’ll take a closer look at the positions and depth of each, look at training camp battles, and even look at the individual players themselves as camp is coming soon.

Maybe we should look at that instead of match days. I mean there are only 7 Sundays left until training camp starts and it should be a lot of fun this year.

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