5 Ways to Prepare a Small Business for 2018


The new year has come and now how to prepare a small business? The year begins soon after the carnival, that’s what they say! However, for anyone who lives in the real world, especially experienced entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs like you and me, every moment is time to think about how to prepare for next month’s success, the next collection, and break new barriers and financial limits.

How to prepare a small business for the beginning of the year

Getting money is just one of the things business owners have to worry about! Fortunately there are some companies like Nexoos and Biva that offer financing to companies and businesses in a flexible way for the thousands of medium and small business owners in Brazil.

For most people, starting the year on the right foot means having working capital and stable cash flow to improve progress and business. So to help, we’ve listed five ways you can be more proactive, use alternative funding wisely, and establish a plan to make your small or medium business grow in 2018.

Get ready to pay your company taxes

Get ready to pay your company taxes


If you own a business or work for one, you do not want to hear the keyword tax ahead of time. It is a fact that December is already over, January too and many of us are coming out of a long period of fun parties and holidays, and taxes are the last thing on our minds.

Obviously your accountant should keep your tax documents up to date, however, contact him as soon as possible to organize company taxes, understand what you should or should not pay, and make this process much easier. No one likes to be picking up receipts, but if you do it in an organized way during the months, you can enjoy the summer more joyfully instead of staying inside a room with piles of paper and a calculator.

New employees and business plans


When the year begins, we know that it is the ideal time to prioritize the most urgent needs of your business that was postponed the previous year. To prepare a small business, many entrepreneurs hire new employees and expand new industries.

Maybe your business is prepared to grow, and you need to hire someone or people to form a specific team with defined skills. Or maybe it’s time to fire a worker who has more relevance to your company’s success.

Whatever your case, it could be a great time to rethink your personal and business strategies. Remember: the value of your small business as it stands today, and the potential that your small business has in the future, depends on 100% of the people you hire to join your team.

Invest in online business applications


The reality is that many small business owners create their business using a mix of basic and inexpensive accounting, stock management with spreadsheets or email applications – that is, only a small amount of technology to meet their basic needs.

While this basic approach to using the computer can work, if you are someone who prefers the old way of managing your business and is comfortable with it then you should proudly put on a T-shirt that says “working harder and without intelligence.”

Sorry for being so hard in the paragraph above, but there are hundreds of amazing applications designed to make your business run more smoothly, acquire clients faster, and even access working capital and business loan financing when you need.

Inventory control

Inventory control

Another strategy to keep 2018 under control. I hope this year you have a huge profit margin in your business, but for that, it is inevitable to focus on maximizing sales in all times of greatest movement, and stocking up on raw materials and products for the future is part of the business.

Keeping new stock and getting rid of old is not an easy task. You may be surprised at how many small business owners focus on getting rid of the last stock or past collections, while having to find opportunities to capitalize on the new stock with competitive pricing.

Always try to align your product and / or service needs in advance. Look for opportunities to take advantage of settlement sales, where you can buy new products for your inventory at a better cost.

Do not run out of money for your business and company

Do not run out of money for your business and company

You may be thinking, all these ideas for starting the year are great, but I do not have the money to invest right now. To get started on the right foot, consider a commercial credit line or alternative financing, be sure to discover the advantages of Peer to Peer Lending, Crowdfunding and the modality that is giving that to speak that is the loan between people and companies that facilitates access to financing and credit with adequate interest.

To prepare a small business, you can find and apply for many forms of credit without putting personal assets at risk, as you can see, you can quickly get the funds you need to expand your business, pay your taxes, hire new employees, much more in 2018 with alternative forms of credit. Good luck!


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