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Bradford’s father sold fake Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal football clothes

A WORKING father who holds a senior position at a major supermarket chain has been convicted for the ‘extremely industrious’ sale of fake clothes including football kits from Man City, Liverpool, Man United and Arsenal.

Sajid Hussain, 44, of Mill Race Lane in the Girlington area of ​​Bradford, pleaded guilty to several counts of selling goods bearing, or whose packaging bore, a sign which is identical or could be confused with a registered trademark.

Bradford Crown Court heard how there was “extensive planning” in Hussain’s solo operation, including using multiple platforms – such as Facebook Marketplace – different identities and different emails.

This sale continued over a “significant period of time”, according to Mr Recorder David Gordon.

A fake Man City shirt that Sajid Hussain was selling. Image: West Yorkshire Trading Standards

Mr Gordon said: ‘I don’t think it was a particularly sophisticated offence, but there was significant planning.

Hussain was importing counterfeit goods and selling them for £28 a strip, the court heard.

At one point, Hussain bought 809 items on Ebay overseas in the space of a year.

Recorder Gordon explained that the true value of genuine items would have been much higher, referring to his own experience of kits costing £80.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: A fake Arsenal shirt that Sajid Hussain was selling.  Image: West Yorkshire Trading StandardsA fake Arsenal shirt that Sajid Hussain was selling. Image: West Yorkshire Trading Standards

Recorder Gordon sentenced Hussain to a 12-month community order, with the 44-year-old required to perform 150 hours of unpaid work.

He said it wouldn’t be easy for Hussain as he is a hard worker and doesn’t have much free time.

But he added: ‘You have been extremely industrious in these counterfeit products and I know you will be equally industrious with community order.’

The offenses were rated between high and medium culpability by Recorder Gordon.

He said: “This was not a group activity, nor was it coercion, intimidation or exploitation.

By way of mitigation, the court heard that Hussain had no previous convictions, is a hard worker and has a number of people dependent on him.

Recorder Gordon said: ‘He is a man in his 40s, with no previous convictions, married with two children, who are dependent on him.

“He is a hard worker. He works for Morrisons, he worked his way up to a position of responsibility.

Mr. Hussain also cares for his wife who has lupus and his mother, who is over 80 and not in very good health.

The offenses are currently being investigated in relation to the proceeds of crime, the court said.

This will ultimately determine how much Hussain benefited from the sale of the counterfeit products.

Recorder Gordon said he would postpone any payment orders – fines, surcharges and fees – until they are completed.

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