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Catrine defibrillators: Machines installed in the games room and the football field

Three new defibrillators have been installed in Catrine, and two more will follow.

Thanks to the fundraising efforts of Catrine Games Hall administrator Jack Gillies, villages will soon have five fully functional rescue machines.

Jack completed the famous Glasgow Kiltwalk in April, on behalf of the Catrine Games Hall Trust, and with great support from locals and support from the Hunter Foundation, he was able to raise enough money to get the five machines he hoped.

A new machine in the amateur fleet

Machines have already been installed at the Catrine Games Hall, the Catrine Amateurs clubhouse and now the Catrine Bowling club, with two more machines to follow on Rue St Germain and the Lodge St John social club.

Not wanting to take all the credit, Jack is thrilled with the progress the village has made.

He told the Chronicle: “It will be great for people to know that there are these five machines that will be fully operational soon.

“At the very beginning, the trust wanted to aim for maybe one or two machines. But when we saw the money go up and knew we would be able to get three machines, then four, then five, it was amazing.

Jack hopes the machines at St John’s Lodge and Catrine Bowling Club can be sorted over the next week, with planning permission to be sought to sort the one on St Germain Street.

Cumnock Chronicle: One also installed at Catrine Games HallOne also installed at Catrine Games Hall

Despite a potential delay on the final machine, Jack planned to leave the machine at the Brewery Inn pub for the time being, so that it could still be used on occasion if needed.

He added: ‘I thought it would be a better idea than sitting in my back room doing nothing until everything was properly sorted.

“At the moment the ones that have been installed are ready to go, I just need to officially register them all and power them up before the weather gets too bad. They need a power supply to keep them cool. hot, because if their temperature drops below a certain level it can damage their interior, but I hope I have at least a few weeks before that starts.

“I’m just thrilled with the result and everyone’s support, because they really are invaluable machines that could save someone’s life.”

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