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Coach searches the American football field to find the player’s necklace that contained his father’s ashes

Packers coach Bryan Engel.
  • Running back Aaron Jones lost a necklace containing his father’s ashes in the end zone.
  • In his post-match interview, Jones said the necklace has still not been found.
  • On Monday night, Packers coach Bryan “Flea” Engel found him during a search that lasted until 2 a.m.
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Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones had a huge game on Monday night, scoring four touchdowns against the Detroit Lions to help his team secure a 35-17 victory.

During one of his touchdowns, Jones lost a necklace that contained part of his father’s ashes. Jones’ father died earlier this year at the age of 56 due to complications with Covid-19.

Despite losing the pendant, Jones had a positive attitude after the game.

“He would be happy. He would say, ‘If you lose him anywhere, lose him in the end zone,” “Jone said in a post-game interview.

Late Monday night, Jones’ already heartwarming story came to an even warmer conclusion.

Matt Schneidman, who covers the Packers for The Athletic, posted a video of Packers coach Bryan Engel scouring the Packers end zone late at night, looking for the lost pendant.

He found it, with Jones giving him his heartfelt thanks on Twitter.

“[He] found, so we’re perfect, “Jones said Tuesday morning, speaking with “The Steve Czaban Show” on 97.3 The Game in Milwaukee. “Thanks to him. He was there until 1:45 am. It shows how much they care about us.”

As former NFL security Ryan Clark explained at the end of ESPN’s report on Jones’ lost collar, NFL teams are made up of way more than the 53 players on the roster.

“That he’s out there, this late at night when no one else is really watching, doing that for one of his players is amazing,” said Clark. “It’s a testament to who he is as a man and who Aaron Jones is to him as a player.

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