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Dees rarely leaves the football field for Daviess County | Sports

Max Dees rarely, if ever, leaves the football field during a Daviess County High School football game.

“He’s never going off the pitch, he’s on the kickoff return, punt return, kickoff, he doesn’t want to go off the pitch, he gets mad when we substitute him,” said DC head coach Matt Brannon. “He’s the type of player, he wants the ball every game, he wants to play running, he’s the kind of guy if the game is on, he’ll say ‘throw the ball to me and I’ll make them move. things .’ “

Dees is a 5-foot-9, 160-pound wide receiver and cornerback for the Panthers, who are 11-1 and are preparing for a KHSAA Class 6-A Football Playoff quarterfinal game in St Xavier in Louisville on Friday.

He’s part of a receiving squad and defensive back lineup that has racked up significant numbers for Daviess County.

Dees is second in 6-A for receiving distance with 66 catches for 1,090 yards and eight touchdowns. Dees’ numbers are eighth on the Kentucky state receiving list. His teammate Decker Renfrow is fourth in 6-A with 57 catches for 1,007 yards and 10 touchdowns.

“We’re all best friends together, we trust each other, it’s fun to win games,” Dees said.

Mr. Football candidate Joe Humphreys threw those passes for a State leading 3,789 yards.

“That’s what makes us so dangerous, they’re two deep threats,” Brannon said. “Decker is more of a hit with a long catch, where Max is dynamic with the ball. We’ll use a lot of friction for him underneath, the comeback was a great route for these guys. What he does is he’s so good after capture. Max can perform a 10 meter loop and turn it into a 25-30 meter gain. He gives us a spark, we rocked against Owensboro, he did a play, missed five or six people. It is difficult to face.

Dees has six interceptions in defense, which is tied with teammate Mason Boswell and two other players for the top of that list in 6-A. There are 14 players statewide who have six steals and nine top this list.

“His dad is a defensive back coach Charlie was a longtime coach, years in the youth leagues, in college, he’s on the staff here every year I’ve been a head coach,” Brannon said. . “We play a lot of media coverage because they’re athletic, he and Mason are athletic, they’re well trained, Max understands the position.”

Dees was a quarterback in college and for a short time as a freshman in DC, then Humphreys took over.

“It was easy for me to see how good Joe was, and I wanted to play defense as well,” Dees said. “The second year it was more defense which was my favorite, but how far Joe has gone, it’s impossible not to like attacking more, how fun it is.”

Dees and Boswell chose their locations for the interceptions.

“That’s a lot of the movie, but when teams throw me I have to leverage it for my team,” Dees said. “Playing on offense helps with ball skills, to go get the ball. “

One area where Dees also excels is energy and getting talking points when he’s on the pitch.

Obviously, Dees is so well known for his speech on the pitch that Brannon spoke about it without hesitation.

“He’s the best trash speaker in this city, there are people who will confirm that, he doesn’t stop,” Brannon said. “To his credit, he did a better job controlling that. If he does something he will let you know. But now he understands that you can’t do that that much.

“We tell him to let your room speak for you.” He can be stressful at times because he’s so competitive, but I take that 10 out of 10 times. We never have to worry about trying to find energy from him.

It doesn’t bother Dees a bit to be an energetic guy for the Panthers on the football field. He was also a goaltender for the basketball team last year.

“I think every team needs a guy to bring energy,” Dees said. “I have to make plays, but bringing that energy, getting everyone to play goes in the whole team.”

Of the talking aspect of his game, Dees said, “It’s something I’ve always done, getting into the head of the other team.”

And Dees certainly put the numbers up this year to back up the gossip.

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