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Donor Replaces Ithaca Soccer Field, Creates Scholarships | News, Sports, Jobs

ITHACA, Mich. (AP) — A family is donating more than $1 million for a new soccer field at a central Michigan high school and to establish a college scholarship fund for students.

The artificial turf would replace the grass on the field used by Ithaca High School. The stadium would also be available for other Gratiot County schools and would likely host state sporting events.

“It’s going to be high end” said Ithaca Superintendent Steve Netzley.

The donating family, who wishes to remain anonymous, is also launching a Veterans Memorial Scholarship Fund for students in the Alma, Ashley, Breckenridge, Ithaca, Fulton and St. Louis districts, the Morning Sun reported.

“It will be up to each community to raise additional funds and select their scholarship recipients each year,” Netzley said.

The current football pitch has drainage issues and needs major improvements.

“We were at the point where we were going to have to invest a lot of money in the installation to solve the problems”, Netzley said. “It was going to cost $300,000 to $400,000 to completely redo everything and put in a new grass pitch.”

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