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EFHS will build a football field and a sports complex

June 8 – FAIRMONT – East Fairmont High plans to build a multi-million dollar sports facility over the next two to three years.

Alumni, teachers, coaches and parents gathered for a meeting on Tuesday evening to discuss the project and how to raise $7-8 million and support the completion of the stadium, which will be built at the location of the current training football pitch.

The stadium will include a football pitch and floodlit track, dressing rooms, scoreboards and bleachers. The plan to build the complex has been around for a while, but Mary Lynn Westfall, Principal of East Fairmont High, said the time has come. The stadium would be open to the community in the same way the campus is used for events, which would open up opportunities, according to Westfall, especially with the location so close to Interstate 79.

“Having an athletic complex on the campus of East Fairmont High School would benefit high school students, as well as students in our feeder schools, students in the community – it would just be something that would benefit the together community for years to come,” said Westfall.

Westfall said the school works with the East Fairmont High School Foundation and already has a lot of support, but they want to spread the word.

“Our current student body officers have expressed interest in this and they’ve said up front, ‘We’re senior citizens, we know we’re not going to benefit from this, but we know it’s important, we know that it’s something the school needs and we want to help push that and make it happen. So that was something that encouraged me. Even if they won’t benefit from it, they can see the benefits it will have down the road,” Westfall said.

Shane Eakle, head women’s football and track coach and chemistry and science teacher at East Fairmont High Shane Eakle, agreed. He said he had seen a lot of enthusiasm among the students so far.

“Across the board there’s a lot of excitement. A lot of our kids are involved in music, football, athletics, so it’s going to affect a lot of people. So I think our kids are thrilled that there is a possibility that they will have something like this facility here,” Eakle said.

Eakle said the complex would make a lot of logistical sense because students would spend less time traveling to train and carrying items like football mats, which have to be bussed to at the East-West Stadium.

“I think it would be great for our kids, just to have the opportunity to be on campus…Right now our kids have to leave campus a lot of times – we have to take the kids by bus to different places So the logistics of that are tough and helping keep our kids on campus makes it a little bit easier,” Eakle said.

Since the grass practice field is used by boys and girls soccer, junior varsity soccer, and East Fairmont Middle School teams, it’s seeing decent wear and tear by the end of the year. , Eakle said. He also said it would be good to train on grass as that’s what 90% of their matches are played on.

“With a real grass pitch, no matter how well you take care of it, it kind of gets chewed up at the end of the year. It’s also a matter of safety, because the turf holds up a bit better with the time,” Eakle said.

The plan is to kick off fundraising for the resort at McCutchan’s annual car show held on Labor Day weekend, which is an event held to benefit the East Fairmont High School Foundation. Foundation president Mary Jo Thomas said she was working to help with fundraising. Thomas said she also spoke with Marion County Chamber of Commerce President Tina Shaw.

“Just talking about the two of us, we thought we should include the towns of Fairmont, White Hall and Pleasant Valley. Businesses there would benefit from having a stadium because it would attract a lot of people,” Thomas said.

The next meeting will be on June 21 and they will continue to plan the logistics of the project. For more information, contact East Fairmont High School at 304-367-2140 or visit their Facebook page.

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