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ESPN’s FPI predicts the outcome of every Oregon State football game in 2022

We’re in the middle of the last football-free month of 2022, and as we prepare for the start of the college football season (which will take place on August 27 for teams participating in the “Week Zero” contests), we are continuing our Oregon State campaign previews. Our Opponent Preview series will begin next week, but first we analyze the Beavers’ 2022 roster with the help of a reliable predictive tool: ESPN’s Football Power Index (FPI).

Not sure what REIT entails? Here’s how ESPN describes it:

FPI is a predictive scoring system designed to measure team strength and project performance in the future. The FPI’s ultimate goal is not to rank teams 1-128; rather it is about correctly predicting the games and results of the season. If Vegas ever released the power ratings it uses to define its lines, they would probably look a lot like FPI…

Each team’s FPI rating is made up of a predicted component of offensive, defensive, and special teams. These ratings represent the number of points each unit should contribute to the team’s net scoring margin on neutral ground against an average FBS opponent…

Pre-Season Rankings historically have their flaws, but ultimately they allow for opponent adjustment after Week 1 and are a great tool for previewing the season. As noted, there are four elements to the preseason rating: past performance, returning starters, recruiting rankings, and coaching tenure.

With all of that sorted, let’s now look at the metric’s predictions for Oregon State’s game-by-game results in 2022.

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