Five Tips to Apply Immediately To Open Your Company Online and Find New Markets

Five tips to immediately apply to open your company online and find new markets


We live in an era where it is necessary to be online to exist. Being recognizable and having a brand that is easily identifiable and salable is as important as offering a good product / service, and sometimes more, because without the first often the second is useless. The Net is not another place with respect to reality , but an extension where what we show is what we are and how it is perceived. How aware are companies?

Not a lot, if it is true that about 70% of those who have turned to BorsadelCredito.i t since the beginning of the activities – now a year and a half ago – do not have any kind of presence on the web , or at least not enough to be easily traceable. A fact that makes us reflect, considering that these are companies that on the web are going to look for credit, so that the tool should be accustomed to the tool.

Also other sources confirm this lack of attention of Italian companies towards the Internet. According to data gathered for example by Primi sui Motori , a Modena-based company listed on the AIM market of Borsa Italiana specialized in digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization services, ” among small and medium-sized companies, less than 50% have a website: only 5% is e-commerce, and less than half of the sites are optimized for mobile. Not enough, over one third relies on structures that do not specialize in digital marketing and only a few, among those who have a site, do campaigns on search engines. “A vacuum that would do well to bridge those who want to resist and thrive on the market.

Where to start, then? Here are the five things to do right away to start existing on the web:

Where to start, then? Here are the five things to do right away to start existing on the web:

1. Set a budget. Being on the net has a cost, but the solutions offered by technology are so many and so that every company, even the smallest, both B2B and B2C can find the one that suits them. The questions to be answered to determine what figure will be needed are few, but fundamental: what transmission speed and data volume must support my network? How can I prevent any connection failures (which may amount to budget losses)? What kind of maintenance should I foresee? What protections against cyber crime (which is the cause of undervalued and often irreparable damage)? Which professional advice should I use to set up an online presence? Avoiding a budget is equivalent to not exploiting the opportunities of an entire market.

2. Establish the objectives of online presence . What do I want to get from online presence? Which and how many customers do I want to reach and how often? What content do I want to communicate? How do I want to be recognized? Can I use automatic tools for customer relationship management (CRM), for example, for sending newsletters? Thinking well on these questions and their answers will bring you new customers.

3. Get fishing! The first step to being found on the Web is to create a website. Often customers verify that you exist with a simple search on a browser: an account is to find only one address on white pages, another to be addressed to a domain in which, in addition to address and phone number, there is the story of who you are and what you do. A story that is consistent and that represents you. Needless to say, the site must be built by those who can do it: a professional or a team of professionals, who must imagine the layout, usability, content. Homemade or without these features is useless (or counterproductive). Using an SEO strategy, indexing content to be on top of the lists returned by search engines when the user searches for certain keywords, is another opportunity to be evaluated.

4. Be social . Social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram) are not only a pastime, but represent in all respects the most powerful and immediate tool that companies have to do marketing today, or to create a relationship with customers and those who they could become such. Depending on the type of product / service offered and the objectives set, one must choose the social or social networks on which to increase presence. The contents conveyed are the most important thing: they must be part of the overall communication strategy that is adopted to stay on the market, must be recognized and appreciated by the target. Obviously it is not enough to post random sentences at any time on Facebook or Twitter, but there are rules and strategies to follow. To start with, you can try an automatic tool (the one offered by iGenius is very cheap and interesting for micro businesses). In perspective, having a person dedicated to social media marketing could be an idea (did you include it in your budget?

5. Learn from the great . Ok, you’re not Red Bull, but who prevents you from inspiring them to understand how they sold 62 billion cans of an antibiotic-flavored drink? Also analyzing companies ahead of you in this sector or understanding how competitors move can inspire you and give you a great competitive edge. Create a market where it does not exist, soliciting the question of who might need what you sell, according to this analysis . Create emotions and spread them. And maybe one day you will become like them …


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