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Garrity de Sayre brings an uncompromising mentality to the football field | Sports

SAYRE – As football has evolved more to spread offense and speed away, any good football team still needs old-fashioned, uncompromising players looking to make contact.

For the Sayre Redskins, one of those players is junior linebacker and fullback Zack Garrity.

“I like to hit people pretty hard,” Garrity said after practice Wednesday.

Sayre’s coach Kevin Gorman confirmed Garrity’s penchant for making contact.

“That’s all he always asks every time we practice, ‘when are we going to hit people’, and I’m like ‘we can’t keep hitting each other because we’re going to get hurt eventually. . “It’s always the right thing with Zack because you know he won’t back down from contact,” Gorman said.

Gorman is thrilled to have someone with Garrity’s state of mind in the midst of Sayre’s defense.

“He just brings a kind of hard-line mentality. You know he’s going to strike. You know he’s going to do his job, ”Gorman said. “I mean every now and then on the movie, I think we watched a few plays where he didn’t, and then all of a sudden it clicked for him and he’s all over the pitch. “

“See the ball, go kick the ball,” Garrity said of his defense mindset.

Gorman called Garrity the “backbone” of D.

“It’s kind of the one thing you always know as the year approaches, especially over the last couple of years when it started for us, that it will kind of be the backbone of your defense and knows what we’re talking about. He’s kind of like an extra extension of me on the pitch as a coach, ”Gorman said.

Garrity is a leader by example for the Redskins, according to his head coach.

“He’s not a big talker. He rambles on sometimes, but he’s not a rah-rah guy, he’s more like “I’m just going to do as I’m told, do my job”, and the guys follow that. It’s really nice to have there knowing that if I tell him to do something he will do it and he will communicate it with the rest of his teammates, ”said Gorman.

Part of Garrity’s job on defense is helping linebackers playing next to him.

“I have to focus on the linemen, the guards and which direction they are shooting. I have to call it for the other linebackers. What concerns me the most are the races in the middle, ”he said.

While Garrity is a key cog on the defensive side of the ball, he has also proven to be a solid weapon in Sayre’s offense from the full back position.

“When he runs, it’s a load. He says he’s like 205, sometimes it looks like he’s 220 but it’s good to have him on offense too because he’s hard to take down. The thing about him that people don’t know is that he’s a little elusive. He’ll make someone miss. It might be a stiff arm, but it always takes more than one guy to bring it down, ”Gorman said.

Garrity might have the ability to go outside and make people miss, but just like in defense, he much prefers to face a defender and make them pay.

“I like the back dive because they’re right in the middle and I don’t have to go outside and try to get around people. I can just run on it, ”Garrity said.

Garrity will have his next chance to hit some people on Saturday afternoon when the Redskins host Huntingdon at 2 p.m. at the Lockhart Street Bowl.

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