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Have you seen Dak Prescott’s house with a custom soccer field?

Calling all Cowboys fans! Have you seen “Our” quarterback’s home? This VIDEO arrived in my news feed and I’m very happy with it. I had heard of Dak Prescott’s house, but now I was able to see it. May I first say that Dak deserves every square inch of this house and then some. Watch the video and here are some of the highlights.


The CUSTOM Turf football field in his garden!

Yes, the personalized football field in his garden is definitely the biggest highlight for me. Doesn’t it make so much sense that he has a football pitch in his backyard? This is a custom 50 yard soccer field that was installed by the same company that installed the real Dallas Cowboys turf at AT&T Stadium. It rocks ! The word is that he will train with his teammates on his soccer field in his backyard. Wow!

7 ACRES to tour your ATV!

Yes he has great ATVs and yes he loves to ride them in the MUD! And, he does so on his 7 acres of land. Do you think he rode with Zeke? Ha HA I’m sure!

What city does DAK live in?

According to the video, Dak lives in Prosper, Texas, about 48 miles north of AT&T Stadium.

How much is his house worth?

The house is worth $ 3 million and has a game bar and a sports simulator

Does it have a golf course?

Yes, according to the video he adds it next to the football field.

I love the house! I love cowboys! And yes, we love you Dak!


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