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Horse Soldiers in the spotlight at this weekend’s Army-Navy football game | News

One of the most special sporting events each year is the Army-Navy football game.

Usually held after the end of the regular season for most teams – although the conferences had their championship games last weekend, the game between the two US military service academies will take place this Saturday, December 11 at 3 p.m. at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ – the game has been played 121 times, first met in 1890. It is one of the oldest traditions not only in college football but in all American sports, but this year, it has a special resonance for Pulaski County.

That’s because Horse Soldier Bourbon is building their distillery here in Somerset, and the men behind the brand will be recognized in this year’s game, which takes place 20 years after the fateful events of September 11th.

The founders of Horse Soldier were members of the first US Army Special Forces unit to enter Afghanistan after the September 11, 2001 attacks. In the weeks following September 11, this hand-selected detachment of 12 berets Greens of the 5th Special Forces Group – later named the “Mounted Soldiers” – entered Afghanistan on horseback. Their clandestine mission marked the first time American troops had gone to war on horseback since World War II. The 2018 action war drama film “12 Strong” is based on their story.

“We are both honored and touched by the selection and recognition of members of Task Force Dagger and America’s Response to 9/11 over 20 years ago for such a wonderful tradition as the annual Army- game. Navy, ”said Scott Neil, one of those soldiers and currently Chief Operating Officer (COO) of American Freedom Distillery, which produces Horse Soldier Bourbon.

“Horse Soldier Bourbon members will speak to the army football team ahead of the game about our military experiences operating in small teams in remote locations against incredible odds,” he added. “We will also be on the pitch during the match wearing ‘United We Stand’ hoodies and caps.”

Even more: It has been reported that the uniforms worn by the military during the game will honor the alphas of the Special Forces Operational Detachments (ODAs) of which the mounted soldiers were a part, as each year a different personalized alternate uniform of the two teams . The military and clothing company Nike worked together to create the unique uniforms that will be worn during the game.

To learn more and see a video about the special forces unit with images of the army football uniforms, visit online.

The soccer game will air Saturday afternoon at 3 p.m. on CBS.

Here in Somerset, the Horse Soldiers are preparing for the next chapter in their already legendary story. In October, the company launched a massive new $ 200 million project – not just a state-of-the-art sustainable distillery, but also a “Horse Soldier” village with restaurants, shops and a rotating program of events. , festivals, and concerts, as well as community halls, a chapel, and an events center. And in keeping with the patriotic spirit of the Horse Soldier brand, the property will also be home to the American Story Center, which welcomes families to share an adventure based on what have been listed as the company’s core values ​​- integrity, authenticity. and service.

Plans for the property possibly include an “adventure center”, with horseback riding, archery, ropes course, etc., as well as three greenhouses and an exceptional dining experience.

Located just off Slate Branch Road, the former Waitsboro Hills Golf Course will be home to Horse Soldier Farms, which will not only serve as an entertainment destination to showcase the already popular Lake Cumberland, but should help get Somerset on the famous Kentucky’s “Bourbon Trail”, one of the state’s top tourist attractions.

“We are still working on the final plans for the first stage of construction in Kentucky,” said Neil. “We were so excited to see everyone who attended the grand opening and now we are working hard to make our dreams come true.”

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