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“I would be very, very reluctant to step onto the football pitch”

Baltimore Ravens star quarterback Lamar Jackson has joined the minicamp squad despite being embroiled in a contract dispute. Both parties hope that an agreement will be reached soon.

Many, like NFL analyst Louis Riddick, think the All-Pro quarterback should stay off the football field until he has a new deal in place. Here’s what Riddick had to say on a recent episode of “Get Up”:

“I would be very, very reluctant to step onto the football pitch and do anything, you know, substantial at the risk of sustaining some sort of injury that would impair my ability to continue playing in the future. Now, Obviously, you have insurance coverage that can protect you against catastrophic injury.”

He continues his reflection:

“I think the one thing we’ve said repeatedly on different shows is that the only avenue players always have in terms of contract negotiations to tip in your favor is to suspend services.”

Riddick concluded:

“With Lamar, we know for sure that timing is on his side and leverage is on his side just because Deshaun Watson signed that ridiculous deal in Cleveland.”

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Will Lamar Jackson start the 2022 season with a new contract in hand?

Baltimore Ravens star Lamar Jackson.
Baltimore Ravens star Lamar Jackson.

The Cleveland Browns signed former Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson to a breakthrough five-year, $230 million deal this offseason. This move apparently benefited the franchise in two ways on the football field.

The first is that Watson is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. He led the league with 4,823 passing yards in 2020, his most recent season in the league.

The second is that the deal forces other teams out of their monetary comfort zone in order to sign their franchise quarterbacks. Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti recently made comments lamenting that fact.

Here’s what he had to say about the contract given to Watson by the Browns:

“It’s like, ‘Damn, I wish they hadn’t guaranteed the whole contract.’ I don’t know if he should have been the first to get a fully guaranteed contract. For me, this is something revolutionary and it will make negotiations more difficult with others. But that does not necessarily mean that we have to play this game, you know? We’ll see.

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Unfortunately for Bisciotti, the market for paid quarterbacks has grown significantly thanks to the Cleveland Browns. For Lamar Jackson, his defense could surely be that he had a better career than Watson since he was named the 2019 NFL MVP.

Watson’s off-court behavior kept him out of the league for an entire season. But the Browns still spent a truckload of cash to bring him in, which is another aspect Jackson could use to his advantage.

Overall, it seems likely that at some point the Ravens will have to pay their star quarterback based on what an NFL MVP should earn in the current climate.

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