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Jana spotted kissing a young man during a football match: has she ever forgotten about Stephen Wissmann? !

Jana Dagger has become more mysterious than ever in recent months.

For a while, Duggar fans made a big fuss with the following news. Yana was sued by Stephen Wisman, businessmen, musicians and amateur pilots based in Nebraska.

There was no official announcement, but the rumors were greeted with annoying pleasure by Yana’s supporters awaiting news that their favorite dagger had found Mr. Wright for over a decade.

Unfortunately, the relationship started some time ago Josh Duggar arrested on suspicion of child pornography.

Following the arrest, Duggars decided to withhold the news from all family members, and developments such as new dating were no longer made public.

As a result, Yana’s fans have never shared any news of her first and perhaps the only serious relationship.

And the news that Jana and Stephen seem to have said they arrested him makes the situation very sad.

It’s not entirely clear why these two took different paths because of all the secrets surrounding their relationship.

The insider says Yana ditched Stephen Out of Nowhere, but given the level of secrecy surrounding Dagger these days, we’ll almost certainly never know.

In any case, the relationship between Yana and Stephen seems really over.

Jana Dagger goes blonde

For starters, the couple haven’t been found together for several weeks.

And that’s a relatively big step forward, considering Yana traveled to Nebraska on a regular basis to spend time with Stephen and his family.

And now we seem to have worse news for anyone who could have hoped for a possible reconciliation between Yana and Stephen.

Jana Dagger in a football match

Yana was in an Arkansas vs Texas A&M game this weekend, but Stephen was nowhere to be found.

Not only that, fans were shocked to see Yana “hugging” an unidentified young man in his pants.

“Hug” is there in quotes. Because she only has arms.

Jana wears pants in Las Vegas

However, according to Dagger’s courtship rules, it is considered a “side hug” and does not allow direct physical contact between unmarried members of the opposite sex.

Yeah, one can hardly overstate how strange this family is.

Regardless, the photos surprised fans. Not only is Yana wearing jeans and violating the infamous Dagger’s dress code, but she also seems to really enjoy her mysterious companion.

Jana Dagger on the couch

“Pannntttttttttttsssssssssss. I love this more independent Yana! One commentator wrote: According to UK tabloid The Sun.

“Oh Lord!… 3… 2… 1… and some people came to chat about the guy next to Yana,” he joked.

“Does Yana have a boyfriend?” “Fourth compliment:” You love rocking those pants! This seems good !! You look very happy !! “The third is a ringed chime.

Jana Dagger spills tea

And like clockwork, others flocked to the comments section to guess who Yana’s mysterious person was.

“And who’s the man you’re sitting next to with your arms crossed?” One asked.

Considering the level of secrecy Dagger maintains, it will likely take a long time to find out who this man is.

But there is one thing for sure. That is, Jana and Stephen are completely reckless.

Jana spotted kissing a young man during a football match: has she ever forgotten about Stephen Wissmann? ! Source link Jana Spotted Kissing Young Man During Football Match: Has She Finished Stephen Wissmann Yet ?!

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