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John Buckley assesses the personal situation of the Blackburn Rovers

Blackburn has started the 21/22 season well relying heavily on developing talent already at the club rather than recruiting over the summer.

One of the players to benefit is John Buckley, who has 10 starts in 11 league games this season, making him his best run on the team.

Turning 22 this week, Buckley admitted now is the time to live up to his early potential. With a number of midfielders starting this summer and the club not signing, there has been a better chance for him.

Speaking to Lancashire Telegraph, the 22-year-old spoke of the confidence Mowbray has placed in him this season: “He trusts me more than he did last season, which is huge for me because he always talks about confidence and tries to take us forward. .

“There were times last year (when I was frustrated) because I was playing 15 or 20 minutes and then I did a few games without it, but I started one and I wasn’t really up to the task. “

Buckley also spoke of his luck after Lewis Holtby, Stewart Downing, Corry Evans and Harvey Elliott all left the club, admitting he knew his luck would come: “We lost quite a few (players) from the club. last year and I just thought I had to give it a shot.

“I was 22, I didn’t put the pressure on myself, but I knew I had to have a good preseason and get off to a good start.

“I’m happy with the way I started, I’ve played all but one game, and I hope I can continue that way.

“So as long as I’m creating and doing my share of the ball, it will make the blunderer’s decision harder to let me out.”

The verdict

Buckley is another talented individual who rose through the ranks at Blackburn. The likes of Lewis Travis and Ryan Nyambe had more consistent runs in the squad and Buckley struggled.

It’s only natural for more creative players to be behind more experienced players, but with Buckley coming in at 22, as he’s admitted now, it’s the best chance for him, and he grabbed it.

He’s been impressed so far with his energy and creativity, giving Blackburn an advantage both with the ball and without.

The upside for Blackburn as well is that they didn’t have to spend money on a talented Buckley player which is vital to maintaining lasting success.

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