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LaVille will build a new football field | News

LAKEVILLE—Despite the relative newness of the football field, athletes and sports personnel agree that the field needs major renovations. Although the pitch has been a problem since it was installed, other problems surfaced last fall, leading the school to realize that replacing the pitches was unfortunately essential.

According to athletic director Will Hostrawser, the problems with the pitch can be traced back to money-saving shortcuts during setup, including using an insufficient drainage system and using the original ground at high clay content, which does not drain well. The field was also not properly capped, which did not help drainage. The situation got so bad that during the 2021 football season, a LaVille home game had to be moved to another school’s field because standing water made the field unsafe. “We had places where any normal sized high schooler…a 180 lib. lineman in high school. You walk a few places, you sink three to four inches. We are talking about slips, knees, ankles. We’re talking about a lot of different crashes,” Zach Moore, the school’s director of operations and transportation, told the board.

The 45-head sprinkler system turned out to be a dud, especially last season. “I believe there were three headers that didn’t sink all over that pitch. Everything else crater. If you go to the southern zone right now, where we’re trying to score some extra points, we come out of a crater, and that’s the one that’s already been fixed,” Hostrawser said. “I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone I can’t stand to install in a sprinkler system.”

The council considered three renovation options for the land of two Hoosier companies. The first is Advanced Turf of Indianapolis. Hostetler Lawn and Landscaping in Middlebury had two options, one which would completely rebuild the pitch, and the other would be a short term solution, assuming the pitch would be replaced with synthetic turf in a few years. After lengthy discussions, the board was leaning toward the final option, but tabled the vote until Hostrawser and Moore could provide more information.

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