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Leaving the football pitch is not an option for Westfield’s Micah Hauser

Competition is apparently natural for Micah Hauser.

“I’ve had to compete with older kids my whole life,” said the senior Westfield High star. “It’s always about finding a way to beat the competition, even when you are at a disadvantage.

“Coming from a family of 10, I ran to the dinner table and occasionally witnessed a turnaround on the family Scrabble game board. I love the tough competition all the time, that’s why I never want to leave the field. “

This was pretty evident during the 2021 campaign for the 6ft, 190lb defensive back.

Helping the Shamrocks reach the Class 6A State Championship game for the second year in a row, Hauser ran football 173 times for 1,252 yards with 23 touchdowns, caught 11 passes for 147 yards with two scores and recorded 116 tackles. In total with three interceptions and a fumble recovery.

After settling for finishing second in state a year ago, Hauser hopes to end his high school career in style when No.2 Westfield (12-1) takes on reigning and reigning state champion Center Grove. (13-0) on Saturday, November 27 in a rematch at Lucas Oil Stadium.

“There’s no one else I prefer to play,” said Hauser, who suffered a 38-14 loss to the Trojans in last year’s final. “I don’t want anything other than the best competition available, and Coach (Eric) Moore (Center Grove) and his program turned out to be just that. We also have something to prove. To be the best, you have to beat the best, so we can’t wait to take on the challenge. “

Competition at both ends of the grid is rare for players on larger programs, but Hauser makes an exception to this theory by doing plenty of activities to prepare for any challenges.

“You mean besides a lot of protein shakes and ibuprofen and naps?” Hauser joked. “In all fairness, after the two surgeries that immediately followed last season, my first priority was obviously my health. Then, once I got back to 100% earlier this season, speed was my main focus. explosive workout with our strength trainer, Tavio Henson, running hills every Saturday (a tradition we started in fifth grade with my dad and trainer Robo), and bonding and high performance work with my older brother (Koby, a cadet and former football player at the United States Air Force Academy) drastically increased my speed in no time.

“This offseason a bunch of teammates and I have been scheduling practice sessions outside of our regular lifting schedule, where we’ve competed in all aspects of our training and pushed ourselves to reach our full potential.

“However, it’s not just about being physically and mentally tough. It’s also about taking care of my teammates. They put everything on the line for me, and I do the same for them. had to compete with older kids all my life. It’s always about finding a way to outperform the competition, even when you’re at a disadvantage. “

Ever since seeing Hauser in first grade, Westfield’s Jake Gilbert believed he had the potential to be a special artist.

“Micah is the best player I have ever coached,” said Gilbert. “He can do it all on a soccer field. He runs, blocks, tackles, catches and plays against special teams. Micah is an elite competitor. We’ve seen him do so many amazing things that we aren’t even anymore. surprised.

“Off the pitch he’s been a humble superstar. Micah always has time for others and is one of the guys in the locker room. He leads at the right time and has a great influence within our program. Micah has changed the course of our program forever. “

Hauser also has a lot of praise for his boss.

“Westfield isn’t just a high school team. It’s a whole program,” Hauser explained. “Coach Gilbert started with us in second year and knew everyone by name, year, position, and he still does to this day. Most people only see Coach Gilbert on the pitch, but I had the pleasure of spending time with him off the pitch as well.

“He’s a man as well as a football manager, and that resonates throughout the coaching staff. He doesn’t care about a particular football team. He created a family of soccer.”

Coach Moore also received praise for declaring Hauser “one of the most complete soccer players in the state of Indiana.”

“I am more than grateful for the kind words of someone who has coached a lot of top caliber players,” said Hauser. built a football dynasty.

“However, we want our own dynasty at Westfield. The state game highlights some great players, but I think this game, in particular, highlights Indiana’s two best coaches.”

Having the opportunity to compete one last time with his “football family” is something Hauser looks forward to this coming Thanksgiving weekend.

“I’ve been playing with this group of guys for as long as I can remember.” Hauser remembers. “We have always worked well together as a team and our chemistry has been there from the start. That chemistry is present both on and off the pitch. It would be impossible to mention all the accolades and talents of this team.

“What makes us unique is that we work better as a unit than as individuals. This group went undefeated during our college years and then when I played in college my years. freshman and sophomore, my teammates went almost undefeated (one loss) in freshman and junior college.These same players are the basis of the state races we’ve had for the past two years. is that I love these guys. It’s a total team effort. “

Before moving to the next level, Hauser and the company first have some unfinished business to deal with.

“We promised our coach, Mark Robinson, back in grades five and six that we would win everything when we were senior in high school,” said Hauser, who sparked some interest from Indiana State University. “He’s not with us anymore, but as a class he’s served as a father figure for us, and we’ve been playing for him ever since.

“As much as it hurts, it also motivates us to play for other valued members of our football family like coach (Marc) Krieg and Jeannelle Rooney who both passed away this year. We want to win in their honor. Making them proud would represent the world to us and it is a privilege to play for them.

I imagine they will all be cheering on Micah and the Shamrocks from above on Saturday.

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