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Man held with gun at football match; AR-15 seized elsewhere

A 21-year-old man is in custody after a gun was found during a football match.

The suspect was arrested on Friday evening during a football match at La Horquetta.

A man dressed in dark clothes and a cap entered the football pitch through the main gate on the northeast side of the compound. He walked past the officers who were posted at that entrance.

This act caused Cpl Jeffers and his team to yell at the suspect to stop.

However, the man reportedly started running.

Officers pursued and attempted to restrain the suspect on the west side of the lodge.

However, the man pulled out a gun.

Officers took cover and due to the size of the crowd did not shoot the individual.

The man disappeared into the crowd.

Officers called for backup and a thorough search of the compound was conducted.

A firearm loaded with 15 rounds of 9mm was found on the ground, apparently abandoned.

The weapon bore no serial number.

Officers continued their search and shortly after sighted someone matching the suspect’s description.

Lawyers intercepted this individual who was then taken to La Horquetta police station for questioning.

This individual, who is from Phase One in La Horquetta, has denied any wrongdoing or having a firearm in his possession.

However, police are looking at CCTV cameras from the event to identify the individual.

Senior division officers praised Cpl Jeffers and his team for their quick response, noting they may have prevented a shooting from taking place.

Sgt Haynes continues his investigations.

In an unrelated incident, a team of officers led by Chief Superintendent Paponette, Superintendent Edwards and including Inspector Ramharrack, Sergeant Nicome, Corporal Durity and others, executed a search warrant in a house along Pinewood Drive, in Carapo.

Although nothing was found at the house, police received information that led them about 150 feet from the road into a brushy area.

Here they found and seized an AR rifle.

PC Viera is continuing its investigations.

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