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McShane Brothers Achieve Success By Sharing Northern Iowa Football Field | Characteristics

FREEPORT (WREX) – Two brothers from Freeport have been able to play together at the college level this season as they continue to build on a family legacy.

One McShane wasn’t enough, so northern Iowa added a second.

Freeport Pretzel alumni Deion and Vance McShane have gathered on the football field for the first time since 2015.

For the McShane, it’s like the good old days.

“It’s really like playing in the backyard, that’s how we see it,” said Junior Red Jersey Vance McShane. “Hey, give us the ball, we’ve gone to shake things up.”

The dynamic duo have combined for eight Panthers touchdowns this season, but the most exciting part is after.

“Celebrate,” said Junior Deion McShane. “We always celebrate in the end zone.”

They are grateful to share the estate again, but not all of their success comes without work.

“We pray before every game, I love to do that,” said Vance. “I love playing with my brother, it’s like you know I always have someone to count on.”

Coming from a family of nine boys, there’s always someone to help out with football advice, like their older brother, West Illinois star Steve McShane.

“I call him like every day to help me be a better running back and stuff like that,” Vance said. “He’s like my second trainer.”

“He came from Texas to see us,” Deion said. “It’s great to see your older brother again.”

No matter where the McShanes go, they will always remember where they came from.

“Scream 815 man. We represent. We went donning for everyone, ”Vance said.

“You know, shout 815 .. We have to throw up the pretzel!” Deion said.

Deion and Vance will retake the field for the Panthers next season.

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