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NCAA college football game release date reportedly in 2023

The Collegiate Licensing Co. CEO recently expressed hope that EA Sports will launch a new NCAA college football game in the summer of 2023.

New rumors are circulating that EA’s relaunch of its NCAA college football The franchise will be released sometime in 2023. EA revealed earlier this year that college football would return to the game, but didn’t offer an official timeline for when that will happen. If this rumor is true, then it will be a full decade since the franchise’s last installment with 2013. NCAA Soccer 2014.

Prior to 2013, EA had released a form of college football video game every year since 1993. The series ended up being canceled primarily due to legal issues over using the likenesses of college athletes without compensating them. At the time, student athletes were prohibited from profiting from their name, image, or likeness due to NCAA regulations. Earlier this year, however, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of compensating athletes, and now it looks like the return of EA’s beloved franchise could be a few years away.

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National college football reporter Brandon Marcello tweeted that EA Sports is targeting 2023 to bring college football back to the game. According to Marcello, Collegiate Licensing Co. CEO Cory Moss hopes the series revival can happen this summer. The tweet sharing this information received a lot of positive attention from fans, many of whom shared their hope that the current development team could live up to the standards set by installments a decade prior.

EA Sports titles tend to release just before the next season of any particular game-simulated sport, meaning a summer 2023 focus would likely encompass the 2023-24 college football season. At this time, it remains unclear exactly how the programs and their athletes will be compensated for allowing the use of their image and likeness. The University of Notre Dame has said it will not participate in EA Sport’s new title until concrete rules are established regarding player payment.

Since EA already has a similar format in the works with its mad series, and given the history of its NCAA soccer games, it seems the development of the title isn’t what’s holding things back. There will likely be plenty of legal discussion over the course of 2022 to determine exactly how colleges will participate in this game. Compared to their professional counterparts, individual schools seem to have more say in how they are represented. EA is determined to bring back NCAA college footballhowever, and next year will certainly be filled with many tense gambling negotiations.

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Source: Brandon Marcello/Twitter

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