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News is spreading about an ‘incident’ near the Hoboken football ground

HOBOKEN, NJ — Residents of Hoboken have been asking questions on social media about a possible shooting in the Fourth Street neighborhood on Monday night.

The head of a Hoboken-based local youth non-profit organization posted a note on social media saying: “I am writing to you late tonight to tell you that all the children who played flag football tonight with Community Lifestyle are safe. There was an incident tonight off the football pitch which is currently under investigation. We live in incredibly difficult times… We are committed to keeping people safe. children and our program.

The memo said Tuesday’s flag football matches would be canceled but were expected to resume next week.

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A resident on Twitter said he witnessed a shooting in the area, and others responded.

“I heard it!” replied someone on Twitter. “I saw everyone running and everything. Only one person?”

Find out what’s happening in Hobokenwith free real-time Patch updates.

The incident took place about a month after a shooting in that area, also on Fourth Street.

Patch has contacted police and a city spokesperson and will update the story when details are released.

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