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Ohio State football field now has a sponsor

The Ohio State football season begins next weekend once Notre Dame comes to town. Buckeye fans are excited to see their team in the shoe once again this year. It should be a season full of fun games and wins. Something will be different on the pitch though.

That’s because the Buckeyes will have a new on-court sponsor. Their field will now be called Safelite Field. This marks the first time in Ohio State football history that there will be some sort of roster playing surface sponsor. It’s actually quite strange to me.

There will now be two Safelite logos on the 25-yard line in the shoe for games this fall. It’s also a brand new playing surface after the Buckeyes replaced it after a season full of slips and falls on completely worn turf in 2021.

It’s not just a one year thing either. Safelite has a multi-year agreement in place to keep this going. It’s unclear how long the deal lasts, but it’s there. It’s just another way for the athletic department to make more money. That’s really all they care about.

Although I think it’s a bit silly, I understand why the Buckeyes are doing this. It’s an easy way to get a salary that won’t drastically change things in the stadium. For a program steeped in tradition like Ohio State, that’s about what it gets in terms of on-court sponsorship.

I’m sure it won’t end there. I wouldn’t be shocked to see sponsorship patches appear on jerseys in the next few years. That’s how things are. It’s about getting as much money as possible from different sources.

Whether or not it’s a good thing for these things to happen is another matter. I don’t think either of those things are that bad, but where does it stop after that?

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