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Oklahoma State Unofficially Reveals New Football Field Design

Oklahoma State fans got a general idea Wednesday of what the team’s new turf design will look like this fall.

Photos from inside Boone Pickens Stadium by several different sources show the near-complete installation of OSU’s all-new turf and design, brighter and bolder than ever.

OSU seems to be going with an update to the previous design as well as more vibrant green grass. The midfielder’s logo has been updated with the school’s current ‘OSU’ branding, building on head coach Mike Gundy’s ‘we have a logo too’ proclamation after the 37-35 win of the team on Notre Dame at the Fiesta Bowl.

As for the new end zones, it looks like OSU is keeping the “OKLAHOMA STATE” in black letters on an orange background, but using a slightly different font than before. As Cade Webb of the Feels Like 45 podcast pointed out, it looks like the same font used on OSU baseball’s pinstripe uniforms, showing a sense of identity across sports.

Cowboy basketball analyst Barry Hinson leaked occasional photos on Twitter of the view from his office window showing the progress of the new turf.

The Cowboys’ previous field design had existed since the 2014–15 season, but wear and tear on Bullet cleats and shoes over the years has faded the color, making the field poorly viewable on television. Daytime games didn’t look great over time. As for the design itself, the midfielder’s logo was an outdated trademark that hasn’t been used for around four or five years now. The end-box font was also deprecated, with the new font more closely representing the program’s recent rebranding.

Oklahoma State posted a 72-31 record during the field’s previous tenure. The Pokes will make their debut on the new field Sept. 1 against Central Michigan.

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