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Opinion: Sheffield Wednesday should target Luton Town man for creativity

A perfect start to the League One campaign, Sheffield Wednesday has struggled to save him in recent weeks.

Accumulating 10 points in their first four games, the Owls have only managed to collect five in their last six third tier games.

Defensively speaking, Wednesday has been a tough team to break, having conceded just nine goals in 10 games so far, a record only improved by Wigan Athletic who sit atop third tier.

It was scoring goals and creating chances that was lacking at the start of this campaign. The Owls have only scored 10 times this season, with only the last three having scored fewer goals.

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The Owls have a great side at Ligue 1 level, and while they certainly have the players to turn things around and emerge as a larger, more offensive outfit, this process could be a bit easier if they brought in a creativity spark.

One player who has a lot of excitement around his name and the ability to carve out chances for some fun, is Luton Town’s Dion Pereira.

The 22-year-old, who operates primarily on the left flank, has made a few appearances on the bench for Luton this season, but as they continue to move closer to a team in great shape, he has dropped the top 18 of the club. .

Proving himself to be an exciting and forward-thinking forward for Luton’s development team and the handful of appearances he made at the first-team level, he certainly has a bright future.

Pereira is an excellent dribbler, whose frenzied races cause panic and the retreat of opposing defenses. The young winger also has the ability to produce in the final third.

Pereira is a versatile option as well, and although he primarily played in a left-wing role, he also impressed on the opposite flank and as a number 10.

A move to a League One side aspiring to promotion would make sense for all parties. If Luton hadn’t been stacked when it comes to options in the forward positions, then Pereira would have had a regular chance.

The young winger is a player who is almost ready for the football championship, and if he can prove himself at the top of Ligue 1 then he has every right to return to Luton with regular football in sight.

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