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Parents of student attacked during OHS vs Permian football game speak out

NewsWest 9 spoke to the student’s parents and they said that as Permian alumni themselves, they couldn’t believe this happened.

ODESSA, Texas – The Friday night lights had a very different meaning for a student last week during the Odessa High School vs. Permian High School football game.

The video shows what appears to be a student being thrown with food and garbage.

The video is associated with a caption which implies the student wore an OHS shirt as he sat on the Permian side of the stadium.

NewsWest 9 spoke to the student’s parents. They said that as Permian alumni themselves, they couldn’t believe this happened. Especially since the “Rumble at Ratliff” is a long-standing tradition in Odessa.

“I know how it all goes and I know it’s not what it was anymore because when I was going to the Permian we weren’t doing things like that,” said Dana Majors, mother of the student attacked.

Johnny Johnson, the student’s father, said the rivalry had gone too far.

“I had friends who went to OHS while I was in Permian, and it was a fun and passionate rivalry,” Johnson said. “This last time it really crossed the line.”

Majors and Johnson told NewsWest 9 their daughter was on the Permian side because the OHS side was full.

“It doesn’t matter which side you sit on, you just want to watch it because you’ve heard so much about it,” Majors said. “You’re excited, it’s your freshman year in high school, and you want to see what it’s all about. You should be able to sit where you want and not be attacked.”

Majors hope this situation sends a message to the community.

“I don’t want the students involved to be in a lot of trouble because they’re kids, but I want them to know you’re not doing that,” Majors said. “They need to be corrected, because if you don’t correct your child, he will think this is the correct behavior.”

Johnson believes the students displayed poor judgment.

“To those kids who did this, I’m not going to say they are ignorant, but they showed bad judgment,” Johnson said.

NewsWest 9 has contacted ECISD for comment.

A district spokesperson sent the following statement:

“This is totally unacceptable. The two schools are in a rivalry, but threatening another person in this way will not be tolerated. We can cheer on a different team even on the same side of the stadium and treat the other with respect.”

The school district also said that due to the fact that it was a public holiday, information is limited as to whether or not the incident was reported.

Parents said they will contact the district on Tuesday due to the fact that Monday is Columbus Day.

The mother said she hopes to speak to the superintendent. The father said he wanted to speak to the principals of each school to sort out the ticket situation in the years to come.

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