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Seahawks and Rams updated Covid numbers ahead of Tuesday night football

Happy Monday everyone. Until the inevitable changes throughout the day, the Seattle Seahawks have six starters on the reserve / Covid roster and the The Los Angeles Rams have 17.

A Seattle Seahawks PR update on Sunday afternoon sparked a snowball that everyone feared, no one wanted, and we all hope to stop traveling. Seattle added six players to the reserve / Covid roster, while the Los Angeles Rams added a few but knocked out Jalen Ramsey.

It was the great fear of postponing a game in which the Seahawks were very healthy and the Rams obviously weren’t. However, two days later, and at least after initial reports, it didn’t turn into a complete list reversal, as some claimed.

Here is the list of those from the two active lists who are still not allowed to return.



  • CB DJ Reed
  • RT Brandon hull
  • RB Travis Homer
  • BY Kerry Hyder
  • WR Tyler Lockett
  • RB Alex Collins

It remains to be seen whether Seattle is really heading in the wrong direction as Los Angeles recovers easily. This strange pre-game Monday should turn out to be quite spicy.

But more positive tests two days before the competition is not good, no way around that. Additionally, the biggest target of this particular clash will be designating a Jalen Ramsey who might not have been able to perform by now, and a DJ Reed who might not. This puts the Rams’ best save against DK Metcalf in the field with Lockett’s availability in question. It also removes the certainty of the Seahawks’ best corner against NFL # 1 WR Cooper Kupp.

It’s the sort of thing, with the inconsistency the NFL has shown and the emotion of the whole ordeal, that if there’s a big game from one of these guys – just a missed tackle on Kupp for a big win or another half without targets at Metcalf – it’s a tough pill to swallow.

As it stands, however, it’s not like Los Angeles is in the clear. Their linebackers are decimated, with the strong side, right and the starting second string still on the roster. Four safeties are also on the list, including a starter and each free safety save.

Expect this list to change drastically before the return deadline, which is not until 1 p.m. Tuesday. If that holds up, it’s unfortunate for the Seahawks. If this continues, it would be devastating.

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