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‘Tears were streaming from my eyes as I walked past the football field’: Allen Iverson recalls asking legendary Georgetown coach John Thompson for permission to play football

Allen Iverson explains how much he loved football and how much he wanted to step back on the pitch at Georgetown.

Like LeBron James after him, Allen Iverson was an accomplished multi-sport athlete. While he excelled in basketball at Bethel High School in Virginia, he was also the quarterback for his school’s football team. He was so good at football that he also played defensive back and running back, which very few athletes could pull off.

The fact that Allen Iverson had the athleticism and dexterity to play basketball as well as the tenacity to play football speaks to what a North American athlete he was. It’s even more impressive considering that the AI ​​never lifted weights in training, according to him.

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“The Answer” was definitely talented in both basketball and football, but of course, as history would dictate, the former would win and he would accept a scholarship to Georgetown to play under John Thompson.

Allen Iverson on wanting to play college football.

Allen Iverson had a true love for football and still does to this day. Asked about how he chose basketball over turning pro and in the NFL by Dan Patrick, AI said this:

“I asked Coach Thompson if I could play football because we had to go to the gym every day after class and I always had to walk past the football pitch. I remember walking past the football pitch and I used to be emotional and tears were streaming from my eyes because I missed the game so much.

“One day, I found enough courage to ask him [John Thompson], ‘Can I play?’ With the tongue, I don’t think I could tell what he said. [at 1:51 mark]

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Allen Iverson may have been denied the chance to play college football, but he credits his Georgetown coach John Thompson with “saving his life”. He showed him an immense amount of love during his HoF speech and claimed he wouldn’t be where he was without him.

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