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The hero of the bus fire will be the guest of honor at Scott Co.


The school bus carrying defensive players from the Scott County football team caught fire on Interstate 75 as it returned from Lexington after the Cardinals’ game against Frederick Douglass on September 24. Everyone on board left safe and sound.

The Scott County Football team bus fire last Friday night on the way home from Lexington could have ended tragically without the actions of a tractor-trailer driver who spotted the problem and alerted people on board the danger and the coaches who reacted quickly.

Scott County soccer parents will take Alvin Edwards to central Kentucky on Friday for a visit to Birds Nest Stadium for their Great Crossing rivalry game and honor him ahead of kick-off.

“You can imagine if you have kids and it was your kid they really enjoy the tractor-trailer driver,” Cardinals coach Jim McKee said. “He lives in Dallas. We’re going to pay tribute to him at the game and have a barbecue for him on Saturday. “

Edwards told The Herald-Leader press partner WKYT that “God put me here for a reason.” Edwards’ GPS system sent him the wrong direction on his route and delayed him, meaning he probably wouldn’t have boarded the northbound bus on Interstate 75 otherwise.

“I started saying to everyone, ‘Get off the bus, get off the bus,’” Edwards told WKYT. “I just don’t feel like a hero. I just feel like I did what needed to be done.

The fire started in the back before engulfing the entire bus as about 100 gallons of fuel escaped, firefighters told WKYT.

McKee also praised assistant coaches Monty McIntyre and Chris Travis for keeping everyone calm and getting them out safely.

“I wasn’t there, and they did such a good job,” McKee said. “In a situation like that it’s probably a little surreal, like it wasn’t really happening, but they were able to act quickly.”

While everyone escaped unscathed, many of the team’s personal effects and most of the team’s defensive gear did not.

Scott County lost 30 road jerseys, 30 helmets and 30 sets of shoulder pads, McKee said.

A call to Mayfield coach Joe Morris and his Western Kentucky Cardinals has collected 13 spare red helmets, but some players will need to share helmets during games until the substitutes arrive. factory. McKee thanked Riddell for moving his team to the top of the priority list after company officials saw video of the blaze. He believes new helmets should ship by next week.

Scott County will also have to play in their home uniforms the rest of the year, as it will be difficult to find white substitutes mid-season, especially in a style that matches the ones they have, as fashion swimsuits change subtly from year to year.

“I’m not going to worry about this until December,” McKee said. “We’re going to go through it all. You need to focus on what you need to focus on. … We’re going to have a great practice today. We have a good team and we are improving.

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