WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) – This is the game everyone is talking about, the Kansas City Chiefs against the Buffalo Bills.

“It was awesome,” said Sylvia Schmidt. “Incredible.”

The Chiefs won the game in overtime. But, before that, the team managed to score a basket in just 13 seconds to tie the game, a period of time that most normal people can’t do much.

“I couldn’t even go the length of the pitch in 13 seconds,” Garold Wingate said.

“Phew… I don’t mean that,” said Cameron Collins, who made sure to identify himself as a Cowboys fan. “Walk from my couch to the fridge and back…that’s about it.”

For example, waiting for the red light to turn green from start to finish at the intersection of Kellogg and Rock? One minute and three seconds.

Filling one of the KAKE vehicles with half a tank of gas? 45 seconds.

However, pouring a cup of coffee at a local cafe only took 10. And, of course, Harrison Butker managed to score a 49-yard field goal within the time limit.

The 13-second ride certainly gets people talking. The #13seconds hashtag was trending on Twitter, the internet is creating memes, and shirts are already available online to commemorate the play.

“It was a good game,” Collins said. “I mean, definitely an eis considered one of the best games in NFL history.