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The last time a high school football game at Kinnick Stadium was…

On August 2, a colleague of mine wrote about the Clash to Kinnick. Iowa City High and Liberty High will be able to open their 2022 football season playing on the field that holds so many memories for so many Hawkeye and Iowans football fans in general. For these two rival schools, this will be the fifth time these teams have met with the series tied at 2-2.

On a very exciting high school football night in Iowa, let’s take a little trip down memory lane. When was the last time a high school football game was played at Kinnick Stadium? According KCRGit was 42 years ago, in 1980. The CR Washington Warriors took on the Bettendorf Bulldogs for a trip to the 4-A title game.

Two former players from each team sat down with KCRG to watch an old movie of the game, share a few laughs, and enjoy some amazing high school football memories in the historic stadium.

Washington graduate Bill Happel and Bettendorf graduate Hap Peterson both played in that football game, and both eventually became Hawkeyes according to KCRG.

Hap Peterson remembers Bettendorf’s black and gold jerseys.

We were black and gold so we really felt like Hawkeyes in that stadium.

Bill Happel said KCRGthat everyone was pretty excited.

We were excited because it’s Kinnick and I think for every little kid in this area it’s a dream to play Kinnick.

In the old game movie they watched, there is actually a play involving both Bill and Hap. On a QB option play, the Washington QB tries to throw the ball to Bill while he was tagged and the ball ends up on the ground. Bill picks up the ball and is immediately tackled in the backfield by his eventual Hawkeye teammate, Hap. Bill tells KCRG with a laugh

I couldn’t even allude to Hap Peterson, it’s pretty sad.

The Bettendorf Bulldogs eventually won the game 35-12 and earned a trip to the 4-A title match that year.

I know most kids aren’t incredibly excited that their summer vacation is over, but one thing I’ve always enjoyed about back to school has been high school football. I haven’t played, but some of my favorite memories come from watching our school games with all my friends in the stands. Students from both schools will surely be remembered for a lifetime tonight.

Good luck to both teams playing as I’m sure it will be a great game. Don’t let it pass too quickly without taking the time to enjoy the moment. This game will be something those gamers will remember for the rest of their lives.

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