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The mall casino is not a safe bet; The football field must honor Paterno

The mall casino is not a safe bet

Bally’s casino offered at Nittany Mall is touted as bringing money and jobs to central Pennsylvania. However, unless the casino consistently attracts large numbers of tourists from outside our region, it will end up taking millions of dollars out of our community each year to pay state taxes and Bally’s investors. instead of bringing extra money.

Is it likely that many people will come from Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, or Philadelphia to play at a small casino in the Nittany Mall? I wouldn’t take that bet – these people already have bigger and better casinos available in the cities where they live.

Instead, the money the casino generates will be paid for by our neighbors in central Pennsylvania – who will then no longer be able to spend that money on other businesses that are already operating in our area. It is not beneficial for our community to create a few hundred jobs in a new casino if those jobs come at the cost of twice as many jobs lost in other businesses in the region.

The license for the new casino has not yet been approved and public comment is still being collected by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. These comments are followed on the Gaming Control Board website and on

Please send your comments regarding the proposed casino to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board at [email protected], quoting “Nittany Mall Casino” or “SC Gaming OpCo. LLC Cat 4 Casino ”in the subject line of your email.

Andrew Shaffer, State College

The football field must honor Paterno

When I learned that the Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin, Rebecca Blank, had announced the decision to name the Wisconsin football field “Barry Alvarez Field at Camp Randall Stadium”, it opened a wound that has not. scarred and will not heal completely until the Penn State administration steps in and names the Penn State football field “Paterno Field at Beaver Stadium”. I’m sure Barry Alvarez most certainly deserves this honor, but so does Joe Paterno. Coach Alvarez had an 18-year career record of 118-75-4 while Joe Paterno coached 46 and was 409-136-3.

As I said before, it’s not just about winning loss records, but Joe Paterno needs to be recognized for all the good things he has done for Penn State over the years and the impact it has on. ‘he has had countless lives both on and off the football field. As I said before, the football field was his laboratory where he conducted experiments and transformed young boys into men who would go into the NFL if they were talented, but more importantly, to enrich their communities by serving and by being good and productive citizens.

It would be nice if the Penn State Board and Administration did this while Sue Paterno and the family could participate, and it would certainly help a lot in healing the festering sore still being felt by many of the Penn State family.

Bill Lamont, Petersburg

Be SMART ensures the safety of children and the community

Over 5 million American children live in homes with guns both loaded and unlocked. Each year, more than 700 children aged 17 and under commit suicide with a gun. Guns are the leading killer of children and adolescents in Pennsylvania. The Be SMART campaign raises awareness that safe gun storage – storing locked, unloaded and separated ammunition guns – can save children’s lives. I volunteered to be part of this important community education program because, as a gun owner and mother, I appreciate the importance of safe gun storage. Stop by the Be SMART table at the Patton Township Child Safety Fair this Saturday, October 9 (10 a.m. to 3 p.m.) in the Target / Kohl’s parking lot to learn more. At the fair, our children will be able to interact with the police, firefighters and EMS workers who care for our community. At Be SMART, we believe that every adult can play a role in keeping children and communities safe. Join us and learn more about this important work on

Cari Gustafson, Township of Patton. The author is the co-manager of the Center Be SMART region.

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