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Union-North School Board discusses football field options further; board member worries new field will last | Multimedia

LAKEVILLE—Board member Joe Czarnecki raised concerns about the options at the March 8 school board meeting. His main concern was the clay-based soil under the ground currently. “Clay will never stabilize,” he warned. He reminded the council that during the construction of the parking lot, 12 inches of clay was removed before the ground was rebuilt and the asphalt, a hard surface, was laid. Even so, the school still struggles with parking.

Czarnecki explained that shooting just eight inches from the football field will not be enough to fix the pitch. “They’re going to pull out the eight or 10 inches of topsoil that failed before and put in eight inches again, thinking it’s going to work. It’s not okay,” he said. “It’s going to get really sticky… Our group program, our football program using it all the time. Many people will be absent. »

To some extent, COO Zach Moore agreed. “I think we will always have problems with this area,” he admitted. He still believes, and the board seems to agree, that Hostetler Lawn and Landscaping is still the best architect to contract.

Czarnecki went on to point out that if the board doesn’t take care of the land properly this time around, they might as well budget an extra $250,000 to replace the land in about five years. He explained that he wants to see a job well done this time around, even if it means sacrificing home games this season. “It will always be someone’s last year. I agree, we are going to have a great football team this year. Nobody deserves a team two and seven or a team Oh and nine less,” he explained, “It will still have to be done, whatever.

For the moment, the board of directors has not taken any action on this subject.

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