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Video shows dangerous driver accelerating on soccer field

It was at this point that James Snell stepped onto the sidewalk and fled through the playing fields in an attempt to escape the police.

The 40-year-old tried to shake up the police, speeding up when they tried to stop his minivan in Kidlington.

The after dark chase saw Snell poke his car into Orchard Recreation Ground, driving along the trails before passing a fenced-in playground and across a soccer field.

It was jailed for two years at Oxford Crown Court this week and banned from driving for three years.

Screenshots of James Snell’s chase around Kidlington Pictures: TVP

Welcoming the penalty, PC Jon Simpkins said: “Mr. Snell led officers in a dangerous vehicle chase around Kidlington on a busy evening, having just committed some high-value shopping in Oxford.

“He has shown no respect for public safety in his efforts to get away from the officers.

“This penalty reflects the seriousness of the offenses committed and provides assurance that it will not pose a risk to other road users in the foreseeable future. ”

Screenshots of James Snells in pursuit of Kidlington Pictures: TVP

Screenshots of James Snell’s chase around Kidlington Pictures: TVP

Snell, of Evans Lane, Kidlington, admitted to driving dangerously, taking a vehicle without consent and stealing at an earlier hearing.

Sending him to jail, recorder John Hardy QC told him, “You are obviously not an unintelligent man and I don’t mean that condescendingly. You beat the Ace class [drugs] or he will beat you. And if he beats you at 50, you’re in the grave.

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