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Was Pamela Anderson really discovered during a football match?

Episode 6 of the Hulu show shows Pamela being discovered by chance at a football game in Vancouver, but did it really happen as Pam and Tommy showed?

WARNING: The following contains SPOILERS for Pam and Tommy.

Pam and Tommy Episode 6 was all about Pamela’s deposition by Penthouse‘s attorney while showing flashbacks of the events that led her to work for Playboy – but was she really discovered during a football game in Vancouver? The Hulu show has reached its third-to-last episode, getting into the thick of things by showing how audiences behaved differently towards Tommy Lee (Sebastian Stan) than Pamela Anderson (Lily James) after the airing of the bandaged. The episode showed yet another layer of double standards, epitomized by how the PenthousePamela’s attorney led Pamela’s deposition and the fact that she was the only one who asked to be there.


Pam and Tommy episode 6 also told how Pamela started her modeling career in Canada. In the episode, Pamela could be seen accidentally being picked up by the cameras looking for “gorgeous fans” and broadcast on the Jumbotron. Right after that, a marketing executive approached her and asked Pamela if she had ever considered a modeling career. Pamela’s decision to call the executive eventually led her to work at Playboywhich then led her to stardom.

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While Pamela Anderson appeared on the Jumbotron at a football game in August 1989 wearing a beer sponsoring company t-shirt at the game, Pam and Tommy describes the event as if it happened by chance. In fact, not only did Pamela’s photographer boyfriend at the time encourage her to accept the offer, he even helped her pursue the business. Even before Pamela appeared on the Jumbotron at the football game, he had photographed her in the same t-shirt and promoted her to the company that ended up employing her.

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Pam and Tommy then showed that Pamela was unsure about calling the executive when working at a restaurant. In fact, Anderson was working as a fitness instructor at the time and had previously appeared as an extra in movies and TV shows filmed in the Vancouver area. While the Hulu show changed minor details about the event but kept Jumbotron’s appearance true to the facts, Anderson actively tried to launch his career, taking a proactive approach instead of just being discovered as a potential model by chance like Pam and Tommy show.

Anderson’s enthusiastic approach manifested itself in having even another photographer take pictures to send to the company that ultimately employed her. The poster that Pam and Tommy shown to be a Blue Zone Girl was originally created by her boyfriend and suggested to the company by him in reality, before the company decided to shoot an official version of it with Pamela as the model. Although essentially true, Pam and Tommy episode 6 painted a picture of a Pamela being given a job by chance, when in reality, Anderson has been actively working to succeed in the industry.

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